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Auto gate motor and light repair in abu dhabi

All our gate engineers possess comprehensive knowledge of gate automation and gate maintenance. Equipped with all the necessary tools, our engineers ensure efficient repair and upkeep of your gate as per standards.

Our goal is to address 90% of gate system issues during the initial call out in Mussafah. However, there are instances where we may need to order or fabricate a special part. Should your gate require a special component, it will typically be delivered on the next working day. With our Auto Gate Repair, we respond promptly to repair needs, ensuring fast service and cost-effectiveness. Our team is dedicated to providing top-tier Repair Services to keep your gate functioning smoothly.

Features of Our Services:

• Guaranteed work on all our services.
• Our experts can fix any make or model of gate
• Top-quality spare parts for gates
• Available in emergency 24/7, days a year
• Fastest service available
• Following the best practices

Common problems that Automatic Gates will not open or close;

A technician is checking panel on automatic gate system.This is typically attributed to blown fuses or insufficient power supply to the control panel. Additionally, safety photocells obstructed by foliage can lead to issues, as the system perceives obstacles and refuses to operate. An engineer can swiftly diagnose and often resolve these issues within minutes at GateAutomation-AbuDubai.

An age-related issue commonly observed in older 230v systems is resolved by replacing worn or damaged capacitors. This simple and cost-effective repair often restores old systems to full functionality in no time. Crafted from high-quality aluminum, our gates are resistant to rust, rot, warping, twisting, shrinking, or swelling. Available in various colors or natural-looking wood-effect finishes, they offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Unfortunately, poor installation practices by certain installers can lead to cable entry points into control panels or safety devices being inadequately sealed. This oversight can allow pests to enter, potentially obstructing safety devices or causing PCB failures. Once again, our engineers can swiftly rectify these issues by removing the intruders and properly sealing entry points, ensuring your system operates smoothly.

Automatic Gate Stuck Open!

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