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Barriers SOMFY Levixo 50 V RTS Barrier Length Up To 5 m in Abu-Dhabi | UAE

Road barriers are powered by the robust Ievixo 50V RTS model from Somfy. This motor boasts enduring construction, ideal for frequent operation. There are dual variants: the initial model manages a 3-meter span, opening within 4 seconds, while the latter spans 5 meters, taking 8 seconds to open, enduring up to 1200 cycles daily. Procure now at unbeatable prices.

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  • Model : Ievixo 50V RTS
  • Brand :Somfy
  • Motor power supply: 230 volts – 50/60 Hz
  • Max.power consumption: 300 watts
  • Number of channels: 36
  • Max. number of operations/day: 600

Indepth details:

The Somfy Levixo 50 230V RTS gate barrier is a motorized barrier designed for controlling access to gated areas, such as driveways or parking lots. Here are some technical details about the product:

1. Voltage: The Levixo 50 operates at a voltage of 230V, which is common in many residential and commercial electrical systems.

2. RTS Technology: The “RTS” in the product name stands for Radio Technology Somfy. This means that the barrier can be controlled wirelessly using Somfy’s proprietary radio technology.

3. Motor Type: The barrier is equipped with a motor for opening and closing. It’s likely to be a robust motor designed for frequent operation and capable of lifting and lowering the barrier arm smoothly and reliably.

4. Barrier Arm: The Levixo 50 comes with a barrier arm that extends horizontally to block or allow access. The length of the barrier arm may vary depending on the specific model and installation requirements.

5. Control Options: Since it uses RTS technology, the barrier can be controlled using various Somfy RTS transmitters, such as remote controls or wall-mounted switches. It may also be compatible with other home automation systems that support Somfy RTS.

6. Safety Features: Motorized barriers typically come with safety features to prevent accidents. These may include obstacle detection sensors to stop the barrier from closing if something is in the way, as well as features like manual release mechanisms for operation during power outages.

7. Installation Requirements: Proper installation of the barrier is essential for optimal performance and safety. This may involve mounting the barrier securely, connecting it to power, and programming it to work with the desired control devices.

8. Compatibility: It’s important to ensure that the Levixo 50 is compatible with the specific requirements of your gate system, including size, weight, and intended usage frequency.