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BOB21M 230 Volts AC in Abu-Dhabi | UAE

This is an irreversible electromechanical geared motor that works with 230 Volts AC. It’s reliable, quiet, and easy to install. It has two adjustable mechanical stops for opening and closing. It uses rolled ball screws with a diameter of 20 mm. You can release it easily from above.

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BOB21M Swing Gate APPLICATION [1 or 2 actuators for swing gates, opposed sliding gates, hydraulic operators, and industrial folding doors]




Built-in screen |-| Built-in radio receiver that can recognize 64 different codes at 433.92 MHz, using 3 types of coding (Advanced Rolling Code, Rolling Code, Fixed Code). Easy-to-remove connection boards |-| Offers automatic, semi-automatic, and manual control modes.

Detects obstacles automatically |-| Has separate limit switch inputs for each motor. Allows for various commands like opening, closing, pedestrian mode, step-by-step mode, and stop. Separate inputs for safety sensors during opening and closing.

Supports electric lock with 230 Vac and 12 Vac/dc outputs. Provides outputs for indicating gate status, service light, second radio channel, and testing photocells. |-| Automatically adjusts settings based on motor features.

Allows separate adjustment of torque for each motor and operating times. Offers adjustable slowdowns | Uses the Advantouch system for easy configuration and managing radio transmitters |-| Displays number of operations | Requires a password for programming access | Warns about maintenance needs


Power supply 230 Vac (50-60Hz)
Motor supply 230 Vac
Max absorbed current 1,5 A
Maximum thrust 1800 N
Opening time 18”
Standard stroke 270 mm
Max stroke 325 mm
Duty cycle 30%
Protection level IP44
Built-in control unit
Operating temperature -20°C /+50°C
Lubrication GREASE
Leaf max dimension 2.1 m
Weight 8.2 kg
N. motors per pallet 50
Kit weight 19.1 kg
N. kits per pallet 18

Technical Drawing:

Technical drawing bob21m